Cyber Security Training

Organizations are investing huge sums in hardware and software solutions intended to reduce their cyber security risk.  But the most exploitable area — your employees — is often overlooked.

The most effective way to protect your organization against hackers and cyber-attacks is to teach your employees how to identify and avoid the latest hacking trends and how your company deals with these threats. Not all companies have the same policies – why should they have the same training?

That’s where Cyber security training comes in.  We have partnered with another organization to create interactive training that combines “up to the minute” cyber security content with your organization’s policies and procedures to create powerful digital learning vignettes that communicate company and industry cyber security principals to create a culture of cyber vigilance.

The result is a workforce that changes their cyber behavior and knows and understands the cyber threats, reducing your company’s exposure to cyber security risks.

For additional information and pricing, please contact:
Eric Harris,
Business Development

  • Can be deployed in multiple ways
    • On any corporate LMS utilizing any version of SCORM
    • Cybersecurity LMS with reporting
  • Customizable
    • Organization’s branding and color scheme
    • Company and industry specific policies, procedures and mitigation plans
    • Include video and picture messages from CEO or managers

“The weakest link is often human error… Companies should invest in employee security-training programs.”


— Fortune