Pesticide Application Management System

PAMS is a software toolset designed for complete management of pesticide application in various locations. This software program enables the user to manage both pesticides and
applications, and generate reports of pesticide use.


    • Allows administrator to separate information into various labs/locations (ex.
      Greenhouse or Farm)
      • Each location maintains separate database
      • All pesticides, application logs, reports, etc will be specific to a particular
    • Allows administrator to add authorized applicators
      • Users will be assigned to 1 or more locations.
    • Allows users to add pesticide information
      • Trade Name, Active Ingredients, EPA #, etc.
    • Allow users to add spray data (applicator, spray date/time, target pest, etc)
    • Allows users to generate reports related to daily, weekly, or monthly applications

    Contact For a Demo and Pricing:

    Jim Ferrall
    Program Manager